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We are not Ben or Jerry.

A conversation among friends, covering anything.

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    Palmetto bugs

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) discuss weird computer cables, distilleries, scary things, and how Shane’s mom looks like Jamie Lee Curtis.

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    Well, I Mean Not in This… Way.

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) discuss iOS 12, the iPhones Xs, Xr, and Xs Max, new coffee drinks

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    The Very Late Episode

    The Very Late Episode - recorded before July 4, 2018, released much later…

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    Our Robots Are Showing off Tonight

    Our first cross-over show. Conversation Show meets Not Ben and Jerry’s! Jered and Esther talk with Shane about home automation, salty ladies in canisters, and pizookies.

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    Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) discuss graduation, travel, YouTube, and the new Starbucks

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    🤖 Technical Difficulties

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered), after battling technical difficulties, discuss coffee, working an election, hitting the gym, and upcoming travel.

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    The Nasal Avenger!

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) discuss their musical history and ambitions, their LEGO building, Homepods and Sonos, and beautiful money

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    I Thought She Was His Mother

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) discuss local politics, working conditions at Amazon warehouses, the new iPad, hamburgers, the last conversation corner, and weightlifting

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    I Haven’t Had Mentos in Forever

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) discuss their favorite candies, foods that make a road trip great, which leads to family vacations.

    こんにちは!私たちはあなたのショーを聞くのが大好きです。メールをお送りください! jerry@notbenandjerry.com

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    And It Moved All the Way off the Map

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) discuss Carplay, road trips, packing electronics for a trip, the Biltmore, and Shane’s favorite cars.

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    The viper is coming

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) discuss the news, Apple’s just past educational event, and part two of the top five TV show list.

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    We sit in the same chair

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) discuss self driving cars, Shane’s favorite TV shows, and discussion board corner.

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    He-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy

    (Not Ben) Shane and (Not Jerry) Jered talk about Double Dare, childhood TV shows and movies, and the return of Discussion Board corner.

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    008 - Piezo

    Shane and Jered talk beards, grocery stores, where they want to visit.

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    006 - Blessing the room

    A noisy episode recorded at Rappahannock Restaurant in Richmond, after a full day at the Equality Virginia day of action. We talk about the day of lobbying, Apple software quality, the HomePod, and all of our drinks.

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    002 - Institutional desks

    Jered and Shane discuss post Christmas technology, insitutional desks, AirPods, Apple's supply chains. We wrap the show with Loofahs, plumbing standards.

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    000 - Like Sandpaper

    Shane (not Ben) and Jered (not Jerry) start the podcast recording, discuss Windows laptop trackpads, and various computers in their history.

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