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We are not Ben or Jerry.

A conversation among friends, covering anything.

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    Kim Jung Unnnn

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) discuss Samsung phones, Apple’s laptops, how all Apple employees live alone, podcasting from iOS, Sim City, and weightlifting.

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    Goodbye Anchor, f*ck you!

    Not Ben (Shane) and not Jerry (Jered) discuss Anchor, Eero’s acquisition, Evernote shirts, Work Chat, cocktails, Jony Ive, foldable phones, Apple News, fat-washed alcohol, Shane’s calligraphic adventures, and mindful phone use.

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    The one where we fire the sound technician

    (not) Ben and (not) Jerry discuss a triathlon (not a marathon), travel to New York, Apple's old internal apps, the iPhone XS, and the rest of our Christmas gifts, all before an abrupt end.

    Sorry for the poor audio quality, the sound technician has been severely disciplined.

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    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) talk about Thanksgiving, the Village Inn, and famous residents of Tappahannock

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    Palmetto bugs

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) discuss weird computer cables, distilleries, scary things, and how Shane’s mom looks like Jamie Lee Curtis.

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    Well, I Mean Not in This… Way.

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) discuss iOS 12, the iPhones Xs, Xr, and Xs Max, new coffee drinks

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    The Very Late Episode

    The Very Late Episode - recorded before July 4, 2018, released much later…

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    Our Robots Are Showing off Tonight

    Our first cross-over show. Conversation Show meets Not Ben and Jerry’s! Jered and Esther talk with Shane about home automation, salty ladies in canisters, and pizookies.

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    Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered) discuss graduation, travel, YouTube, and the new Starbucks

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    🤖 Technical Difficulties

    Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (Jered), after battling technical difficulties, discuss coffee, working an election, hitting the gym, and upcoming travel.

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